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Although it was only a week or two out from my departure for Spain. I had decided a few months back that my  ex-girlfriend, Luisana and I would go visit some good friends of ours. Frank and Monica had just moved out to Seattle a few months before we arrived.

After an interesting fashion show in the Denver airport we caught our connecting flight. Frank whipped in and stopped at the curb. its cool to have made it out. We were the first Tampa visitors they have had and it was my first time on the West coast.

They have a nice old house in a great location. The deck was finished more or less on the day we got there. Our visit was to come and help frank set up a little vegetable patch everything else was just extra.

We had to dig out gravel to make room for these plants but after removing much gravel we found that some jerks had tossed in 40 pound bags of cement and they had become rock solid with rain. eventually we were able to get them out and get the plants in. to the right of the deck there are huge black berry bushes and raspberry bushes and they were fruiting.

Seattle has a huge Asian population. This place has anything Asian that any non Asian may aver want or need, i am sure there are things they may want but just cant find…maybe. keeping on the Asian topic. we went to visit some Asian area and ordered roasted duck, don’t! It was fatty and gross. 

Seattle has lots of cool public art. we walked around some parks filled with sculptures. this one looks like a giant cut up straw.

these are the Ballardlocks that allow Seattle mariners to cross from the salt water Puget Sound into the lakes. one of the cool things was when the water drains from one side it is pumped up from the bottom sending small critters to the surface and the birds swarm the area hoping for an easy snack.

We went to a beach which was super foggy and covered in these stones. I should have been a caveman, I made this as we were walking along the beach. surprisingly it stood a dozen or so strikes against a log  and was doing some damage to the log. I have a similar tool I made on the beach when I visited Puerto Rico in 2010

We headed to La Push and First beach which are also some how connected to Twilight I am told. The beach was covered in these old trees that gave the beach an even more apocalyptic feel. We walked to the end of the beach and climbed up a huge, close to vertical path. Along the walk there was an area where you had to go around some standing water but i thought if I ran fast enough I could clear it. I almost did but my one foot landed in water about two inches deep and made a huge splash.

We found a campsite in the Olympic National Forest and cooked a beer can chicken. it was a real nice task with teh chicken not properly thawed. Inadequate tools for moving the chicken once it was hot but it all tasted great after we cut it up and grilled it a little better. I took some pieces and threw it in a pot with some beer and onions and peppers and made a soup. Afterwards we all had to change our close and leave them in the car so bears didn’t come eat us while we were trying to sleep. 

In the morning I washed my face in a cold mountain stream and skipped rocks. This one crossed the Potomac I think.

For the twilight fan in the car we had to stop and see Forks…the town where the books and movie took place.

On the way to our camp site we stopped at the number two best rated restaurant in Sequim, Washington. they had a little garden and used some of their own stuff. 

To get to the park where we were going to camp we had to take a ferry, my first time riding in a car that drove into a boat. While we were waiting to get moving we were standing around talking and a husband and wife and and their little kid were nearby.  The kid about 4 or 5 was wandering around running acting like a 4 or 5 year old. all of the sudden the huge boat horn wailed  and the kid hit the deck literally face down hand over his head in some type of natural survival instinct. The father picked him up and tried to console him while Monica and the mother are dying laughing.

It was incredible how many cars this ferry could hold; I would guess 100 or 150.

The university of Washington had an awesome garden and medicinal garden. there were wild strawberries everywhere and apples and tons of other stuff. I still couldn’t get over the wild