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I am in Segovia. I pretty much fell asleep when I got here and didn’t have access to internet until I woke up a little bit ago. The high speed train was amazing. I almost missed it trying to update everyone about the status of my trip. It’s surreal being here; I have done so much research, but to see the streets in person is a different thing. The aqueduct is enormous. I can’t believe I made it here without a hitch, but I guess that is what planning and preparation can accomplish when paired with good luck. In London I met some people from Australia who were stuck in London for 8 hrs waiting to be put on a flight to Madrid.

I’m off to find breakfast and a newspaper to begin hunting for apartments. Mom, I got both messages, I didn’t think that the recording on would be in Spanish; just wait till it beeps and leave a message love you, it’s awesome here.