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I met Ben who is an Auxiliar from Ohio. He doesn’t speak much Spanish, so he has been hibernating in his hostel room. He seems like an OK guy so far so we decided to share a hostel to save €10 a night until we find an apartment.

In the lobby of the hostel we ran into a lady who knew a lady renting two apartments; One was the ruins of a 5 bedroom mini mansion for 800 Euros a month, but it’s not suited to our needs…or those of anyone really.

The other was a 3 bedroom for 450 per month plus utilities but a 20 minute walk into the center plus another 10 to the bus stop killed its appeal. We’re going to bargain with the owner of the first 3 bedroom right in front of the aqueduct to try to get him down from 700; we’re hoping for 600.

We grabbed some snacks for the hostel, but passed on a cured pig leg “Jamon Serrano” they had for €33. Earlier we met Ana, from Madrid, who is staying in Segovia until  Monday. She took us hunting for a magazine like a paper version of craigslist, called “Mil Cosas”, but no luck… Everything is closed on Sundays except restaurants. She invited us to tapas with her and her friends from Segovia.

Ben, Ana and I met up with Sandra and Fran and Mar from Nueva Segovia and went to get tapas, which are basically free appetizers. Fran works for the Spanish version of the EPA and his wife Mar is an accountant for the government.