I woke up around 10 and walked through town trying to find the office where they sell the bus passes (if you pay 7 euro you can get a card which gives you half price bus fare). When you walk in to the door it looks like a small shop but opens up to be a 3 story mini mall.

I made it to the high speed train station to pick up my ticket for tomorrows trip to meet up with Luisana while she has an 8 hr layover in Madrid. Then I waited another 20 minutes for the bus to leave back to the city center. (I wanted to go to the big Euroski store to buy a few things but there is no bus from the high speed station to there. So at some random spot I hopped off of the bus and figured I could walk to the Euroski…. It took about an hour. I tried taking a SHORT CUT and ended up in waist high dry weeds only to find a cliff and a fence that was impassable so I had to walk back through the weeds and go around.

I went to the school to use internet and met a French teacher who I may take classes with. Then I waited around until more of the professors from the school and surrounding schools arrived for the meeting; All of them were super nice. I will be working with Fernando who seems pretty cool;  when give a choice of agendas picked the one with multi-colored hearts all over it 🙂 I am sure his class is going to be fun. I will also work with Rocio, a super sweet lady who made killer brownies and I will work with Laura who said she will meet me at the bus station and walk with me to the school so I don’t get lost on the first day if need be.

Before the meeting began we went to the school’s cafeteria and they got a coffee and I got a soda which Fernando insisted on paying for. They all commented on how they
couldn’t believe I spoke Spanish so well (although they note that my Spanish is not from Spain but from Latin America) they also joked saying my name is a mix of Benny Hill and Kenny G.

We finally got the meeting started; This was the most chaos I have seen in a long time. Every person was talking at the same time and there was a terrible echo in the room so I left with about the same amount of info as I came with.

I was asked a question in front of about 20 professors and commanded respect from them (not a single one talked during what I was saying which felt nice) and I didn’t get nervous either (I think because they have made me feel so welcome). I got my schedule from them (I will be working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the afternoon/evening at the language academy and Wednesday mornings at the elementary school :)!!!

Maria, Claire and I went out, which was nice because we hadn’t really had a chance to talk much with Maria. When I gave the money to the bartender at La Colonial he turned around it hit me, VICTOR!, my neighbor. We found where he works. We loved the cafe/bar, although it is a bit expensive, it had great service and nice atmosphere so we are going to spend some time there for sure.