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I had to be at the bus stop at 630am; I was the only one waiting. Being out at this hour gave me a new insight to this town; it is a theme park of a sort, although one with rich history. Every morning a huge crew of unknowns gets to work on making sure every detail is cared for so that the next wave of tourists can have a set for a perfect photo.

Segovia has little trashcans which are suspended on waist high poles. There is a guy who has the sole job of going from trash can to trash can. When he gets there someone has already emptied the trash can then he uses a scraper to get any stuff that is stuck, then he takes a small bucket of water and a brush and scrubs the inside and out making sure I don’t have to walk by smelly trash cans.

I made it to the airport and eventually found Luisana. We got to see a few things around Madrid but unfortunately I dont know the city well enough to have shown her more. She brought me some things I wasnt able to find here, one being pretzels.

After eating I went to go draw for the first time in months; I sketched the church that is near my apartment. As I was working I thought “what a jerk” as some guy pulled his car into the parking space right in front of where I was sitting, blocking my view. But then he and his wife jump out and explained that they were just unloading some things from the car into their apartment, and promptly moved the car. later the lady came out and  we ended up talking for 10 minutes (she is a teacher of business skills…) then 10 minutes pass and the guy, “Pablo” comes out and asks if he can see the progress I have made on the drawing. He told me about his art and invited me to see the paintings of musical instruments, specifically some type of clarinet called a “Dulzaina” that is used in traditional Spanish folkloric music. He also had this really cool bell instrument with 3 rows of suspended metal plates. On the floor I noticed some big plastic crates of vegetables. So I asked what the deal is with all the food…they have a small farm near Cuellar and that they just finished the growing season and that was what is left.

Later tamara, magda, and Manuela, from Naples, Italy, went to a place Manuela read about that has won the award for best tapas 6 times in the last 8 years. It was in the old Jewish part of the town and was appropriately decorated with a tile mosaic with Jewish imagery.