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I went to find Mercadona, a supermarket people claim has good prices and quality products.  This is the closest I am going to get to Publix. Back home with my busy life as a teacher my weekly relaxation was my trip to the grocery store. Although I usually got the same things and knew exactly where each thing was I still took my time strolling up and down every aisle. Since the Publix I shopped at is near the university I often ran into friends, with whom I would stop and chat.

Inside Mercadona was clean with a nice selection and more importantly the fish market doesn’t reek like Eroski. I found a nut and fruit mix that may equal or exceed the one from the states that I miss (Nantucket blend from back to nature). I also found soy sauce which doesn’t compare to any I have had in the states (much worse). This store also had the biggest cauliflower I have ever seen, it was the size of a basketball.

The trip home, carrying my bags, was almost twice as long as it was getting there, but along the way I saw a little boy and little girl elaborately dressed. I asked their mom why and she informed me that today is the celebration and offering to the patron saint of Segovia, our lady of Fuencisla and said there would be a procession from the aqueduct to the cathedral beginning at 530.

Women were wearing red and black dresses and carrying offerings. There were drummers and men playing Dilzainas; a short clarinet like instruments.