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I met some people from Californa and Georgia and we went to check out the Reina Sophia Museum. It has 4 floors of exibits where I got to see Guernica by Pablo Picasso Some works by Goya and some other artists like MirO, GRIS… it was incredible to see these works in real life, it should be prohibited for Guernica to be shrunk down to a thumbnail image and put in a text book. I also saw several of Dalis works that will never make their way to the Dali Museum in St Pete.

The following day we had several boring workshops but on the bright side we got to meet some of the auxiliares and the last workshop ended well. It was a guy from the secret service who came to talk about residential and personal safety in addition to some other stuff. It is illegal to carry a gun or pepper spray here, not that I planned on it but it is good information. Someone asked him what they could do. He said be resourceful and told of a guy using a pen to stab an assailant in the throat.

Friday night we were walking up to the metro station and there was a group of about 10 African guys selling stuff on the street; they use a small blanket with ropes attached on all four corners so they can pick up the stuff and carry it like a bag. Behind them I saw a police SWATT type van pulling up. We entered the metro without knowing what happened, went through the turnstile and all of the sudden I heard yelling in some African language, and four guys came running through. One pulls out a metro ticket but the Turnstile wouldn’t open so he plowed through the, clear plexi-glass doors. Three of the guys made it through and escaped into the labyrinth of the metro station but one was lagging behind a bit. Two Terminatoresque motorcycle police were running full speed behind him with their full face helmets still on; one grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and flung him to the floor as he was trying to jump over the turnstile. It was crazy to see because I recently watched the movie Beautiful, which deals with these street vendors, at least in part.

With the Punferada auxiliares listening to a Flamenco show from a distance… for free