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OUR WIFI ROUTER CAME FINALLY. I had to wait for Ben to wake up so that I could hook it up [the only functional phone jack in the entire apartment is in his room].

The buzzer went off  again. This time it was some guy who didn’t even wait for me to let him in, he was already on the 4th floor at our door, saying he was with the governments collections department and that I am obligated to open the door. I He was only looking for the previous renter.

Then I went to Eroski and climbed up a rocky path to a little peak to take a picture of the shopping center. There was a 360 view of mountains and hills interrupted only by a highway . While making my way down I noticed a guy in combat boots and overalls with a Mohawk standing around, watching his rottweiler that was wandering the the grassy area at the bottom of the hill NOT ON A LEASH! The dog starts smelling me. “As long as he doesn’t bite I am fine” I told the guy; as soon as he got the dog on the leash it started acting crazy.

When I Got home and was about to cook fajitas and figured with nice weather I would open up the house a bit. All the windows and doors are open, then I went to open thewindows in the entry way. The wind slammed the front door shut.

I reached for my keys hanging from my hip but NOOOOO! I had meat out on the counter the light is on in the kitchen. My flatmate Ben is in Cuellar still and I don’t have a way to contact our new roommate yet.

I thought about risking it and climbing from the entry window to our kitchen window but that is a 4 story fall and today I will not be ruining my life. Luckily Mariana, the Bulgarian lady next door is preparing some traditional food and sees me pondering the situation unaware of what has happened. After explaining she says well why don’t you go through our hours and hop over our balcony to yours [it’s one continious balcony divided by some waist high metal bars].