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I GOT PAID TODAY! for the half month of September. The entertaining part is
that I have only worked a total of 6 hours between two days and have made 350

Saturday I went to Plaza Azoguejo at 6 for the 15-O [Occupy Segovia] protest only to find nada going on, so I waited to see what might happen. About 730 an initial speech was given about the same Blah Blah Blah. Just as it began I saw the police get on the radio; almost  instantly and ambulance goes by at a crawl, with sirens wailing.

Here are a few suggestions that may help protesters:

BE PREPARED: pack some duct tape, string and scissors.
BE HEARD: organize a peoples mic or get an amp and mic.
BE SEEN: Write BIG, BOLD and CLEARLY. If it can’t be see it can’t be read.
BE UNDERSTOOD: Your message should BE CONSCISE. If you need more explanation have a flyer so people can read carefully later.

I went home to get ready to go to Mathild’s birthday party at Claire’s. As we were walking past the plaza the demonstrators had broken out the drums and other instruments and began playing slightly off rhythm.

At claire’s the guitar came out and we found out that Robert plays pretty well. We were all at the party so we thought it was weird when the doorbell rang at about 1130, [way too early for neighbors to be complaining]. Maria and Ana who live directly below Clair came up to see what the party was about; none of us had met them before but they joined us.