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My roommate, Daniel, and I took a bus from Metro Eliptica to Toledo. Entering the city, you are at the bottom of a huge hill, which must be climbed in order to get to plaza Zocodover. It took nearly 20 min. We found hostel Los Pascuales tucked in a back alley; I say its a  5 star hostel and only 15 Euros a night.

We had lunch at Restaurante del Alcazar. The Cocida and the roasted chicken were delicious. During lunch we planned our attack on Toledo.

We went to see la Iglesia de los Jesuitas, a Jesuit church, which has the best 360 view of the town from the top of the bell tower. This has been my favorite Church because it’s not so ornate. After the towers we went to look for a 10th century mosque. Along the way I was telling Daniel about how the Oakland police shot someone in the face with a tear gas canister during the Occupy movement then threw a flash bang grenade into a crowd of people trying to help the injured guy when we met an american couple who hadn’t heard. we walked on with them to the mosque.

I can’t wait for the mosque in Cordoba, this was just teaser. From the mosque we walked over to check out the Puerta del Sol, one of the gates to the city. We entered a tiny door and climbed a steep winding staircase and stood at the top of a lookout tower.

The cold wind drove us down from the Puerta del Sol and inside of the Museo de Santa Cruz. There was art and artifacts from Neolithic times all the way to a painting from the last decade. I got to see one Several Paintings by “El Greco” and other major artists, However most of the really famous Pieces by Greco have been moved to Madrid. We out later and found people on stage playing Arabic music, so we listened for a bit then checked out the tapas scene. I tried the Codfish croqueta and found that it wasn’t bad but not good either. Off to bed, for tomorrow holds new and exciting adventures, like tilting at windmills.