It’s a national holiday, All Saints Day but we decided to take a trip anyways I ran to the bus station to find the bus to Valladolid (our regional capitol) was already loaded and about to leave when I got to the station, but I made it aboard and paid 7.42 Euros (for a one way ticket). As soon as we pulled out of the station and into the light rain I knew the trip was going to be interesting; the light changed red, a car pulled into the intersection, the bus driver slammed on the breaks, the bus started sliding… sliding… jerking to a halt in the middle of the intersection (luckily we didn’t hit the car. As we went along I noticed that our bus driver was talking with the lady up front a lot (about the different stops along the way), but soon fell asleep despite the driver taking turns at full speed nearly throwing me from my seat, on several occasions. When I woke up we were in Cuellar and that lady got off of the bus.  I don’t know Cuellar very well but OUR BUS DRIVER SEEMED TO BE TAKING US IN CIRCLES and he seemed like he needed some help (I am not the person to give directions but I gave it a try). I got us to the highway headed to Valladolid but then the bus driver pulled a u-turn and got on the telephone with a buddy (it was not a direct bus so we had to take a different road to get people in some other towns).

Eventually we made it to Valladolid and set out with Maria’s German travel guide, which had a map (but one with no street names). We stopped at a café to eat something (I ordered a tea but received soluble coffee and a cup of hot milk plus my Hueso de Santo). On All Saints Day people typically eat something called “saints bones” it’s a sweet candy like treat made from ground almond  sugar, which is made into a log shape then filled with a fruity marrow (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hueso_de_santo).

Valladolid is a city of 300,000 people but with the shops closed (and the rain) it was really calm. We checked out their plaza mayor, which has a huge LED TV screen running information and commercials. Then we went to check out the river Pisuegra, which is free of dams, so I may return one day to go canoeing.  We continued our walk and found a contemporary art museum ( Patio Herreriano) which housed some sketches by Dali. There were some other paintings by Angel Planells that had characteristics VERY similar to Dali’s; Joan Sandalinas also had some interesting paintings. We wandered around the city some more and found the cathedral and the university, stopped for lunch and decided we would head back by 5.

When we got to Segovia stopped at La Tajona a natural bakery. All Saints Day provided me reason to stop at the bakery, Bunnuelos, which are a type of spherical bread that is filled with cream and coated with sugar and typical of the holiday. I am upset that they only make them for one holiday; I think Bunnuelos Espanoles and saints bones would be a big hit in the US any time.