November 2nd

We have a new teacher at La villa, Elena, who works with the kindergardeners and also teaches Language class (like our grammar class).  She took over the position of Maria, who I liked working with a lot, but she seems nice too. I started the day with the Halloween story for my 1st graders even though Halloween had already passed; they didn’t mind and most seemed to like it.

When I got to the kindergarden class Ester was already at the door crying (like usual). I bent down and have her hug and she let her head rest on my shoulder and said I want my mommy (in Spanish). They teach you in college to keep distance, but with these little kids and this special situation I think humility takes precedence. She stopped crying and I invited her into class. She sat at the front of the group, between Elena and I; only every once and a while would she begin to cry but then quickly regain control. Another kid, Manolo, was taking a vow of silence and wouldn’t participate opting to just sit and roll on the floor. I liked Maria better because she treated the kids like little people not like tiny children; Elena brought out a monkey puppet, which the kids seem to like but at the same time I can see some of the kids are super bored. Having now spent a few classes with my little ones I am starting to feel more comfortable with the group, and since Elena is the new teacher I was the one who pretty much ran the show today.

When I was done with classes I was out on the playground watching the soccer game and one of my students walked up with her friends and asked if I would tell more stories like the Halloween one with the projector J.  After the game I headed to get lunch at my usual place which I found out is going to be closed until the end of November so I found a new place which is cool inside but they don’t serve a real lunch.  After classes let out I had 15 minutes to get to the bus station, so I jogged all the way there in the rain. I made it with a few minutes to spare so I went into a store to buy a drink and came out running, only to end up waiting about 15 minutes since the bus was way late. When I got home I found our first internet bill waiting on my bed… a whopping 9 Euros (they only charged for the telephone line and taxes for first month of service).