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November 23rd

I decided to present about thanksgiving at the elementary school, adapting my English presentation for the kids’ language skills (or lack thereof). I felt it unjust to only present the happy, Disney version of thanksgiving, so I explained how the Natives were killed and taken as slaves. You should have seen some of the kids’ faces… Then I taught them about how elementary students back home make turkey drawings with their hands and then we made our own.

When I finished at the language school I went in search of the Sports complex, specifically the rock wall. After looking around outside, and behind the heated indoor pool, I figured it must have been inside of the gymnasium. I walked into the gym and found no one other than a worker changing a light bulb. Off in the corner I noticed what looked like tire tracks running up the wall. There were two routes up but in order to use the wall’s higher portion you have to have your own harness and ropes. I practiced for a while on the lower parts but it wasn’t very entertaining since there were so few combinations.  I picked up my things and headed out the way I came in but THE DOOR WOULDN’T OPEN!… I was locked in. luckily I found a back door that was ajar and was able to make my way out.

I still had a few hours until classes so I took a walk around into what looked like it was going to be a public garden; it turns out it was the nursery for all of the plants Cuellar uses in its parks and along roads and sidewalks. I wandered in peeking on plants in greenhouses and then a woman in a green jumpsuit popped out from a doorway in an office. Nuria is the master gardener and welcomed me to come back anytime to come learn about growing ornamental plants.