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Dia de la Constitucion, National day of the constitution

Got packed for my snowboard trip and around 5 got a text saying “Urgent information regarding the trip; check FB for information.” The company is offering us a full refund or we can still go but to a 3rd resort with about 8km of ski runs open (not much). I immediately emailed them my info so they can deposit the money refund into my account.

My next objective: throw together a new trip, I had been thinking international: Italy, Germany or France but the tickets were way over priced so I ended up booking a room in Bilbao in the Basque country.

After looking up info on bus routes I decided it would be better to go out and buy my bus ticket for the 5:55 bus to Valladolid (the first leg of the trip to Bilbao); I couldn’t buy the ticket from Valladolid to Bilbao because in Spain there are about 100 companies running bus service and it changes where ever you go (I could have bought the ticket online but I don’t have a printer… hope they still have tickets for the 1100 bus to Bilbao).

When I went out I got side-tracked by my 15-M (Spanish version of Occupy) friends, who were holding an event to question the celebration of the constitution; the constitution of the corporations NOT of the people. Jesse was reading some declaration and covered in fake money claiming to be a bankster. They had big canvases laid out on the ground for you to EXPRESATE! (express yourself) with sharpies. When I tried explaining the idea of community banks they couldn’t get it since they don’t have this in Spain; the closest thing they have is a “Caja” but they all got bought out by big banks.

Standing around trying to move people to express themselves I ran into Alexandra, the  polish girl I met a while back at Claire’s birthday party and one of her friends who is an elementary teacher in Segovia. She happened to have taught Jesse many years ago; I guess with a small town like this people really do know everybody.  After they left I noticed someone else had shown up to man the table at the event; Maria… another one…She said she visited Orlando, Florida when she was 18; that’s the city most people know when I say Florida (Orlando is even a partner city with Valladolid, the capital of my province here.) Then some old scraggly guy that had been hanging around the event asked me “is that hat Puruvian” (I had on a beanie with some colorful design). Then he said oh I thought you might have been from there, I was listening to you speak Spanish, its pretty good… I’m guessing those were independent statements.

I still had a ton of research to do and finish packing a few little things. Finally finished about 230 and I needed to wake up at about 520 to get to the station on time.