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December 13th

I woke up with a killer pain in my neck, “torticolis” in Spanish Daniel taught me.

What a luxury to have a printer in my room, not having to run out and use the one at the language school. Now all we need is for the landlord to get us a toaster oven that has a functional top AND bottom bulb.

After work I was walking to the bus station in Cuellar and noticed a huge crowd gathered in the main plaza. There were news crews and local police and a few national police. Curious I hung around for a few minutes when a group of three kids about 8 years old waved and said hi. One of the girls turned and told her mom something so I introduced myself and she explained what was going on. VICENTE DEL BOSQUE was in Cuellar… you don’t know who he is either? The guy responsible for Spain winning the world cup last year, the national team’s coach. He was giving a speech in Cuellar and Cuellar was presenting him with keys to the city.