Today I woke up to the door buzzer (bell). I shot out of bed and let the mailman in. when he got to the door with a huge box he asked me to pay him 27 Euros… should I just give the mailman 27 Euros? Whatever, if it means he gives me the package. The charge was actually customs taxes which are charged to a lot of things that get mailed into Spain. There are some tricks around it but it makes the post office a little less responsible for the package. If you mark the customs slip as “Gift” and assign the package a low value (around 10-40 Euros) they tend to not charge the taxes I have heard, but then if they lose the box you can only claim that amount.

As the holidays were rolling around I knew I didn’t want to get people something from Spain or anything mass produced, though Slater, my former High School Art teacher, does seem to crank these things out with out end. I decided to order a a dozen monster magnets to give out. Slater put together the Spain collection. Like normal they feature many found objects or reutilized objects, bottle caps, buttons, beads, corks, screws, shells and so on.

I ran into the room to open the box and opened it to find layer after layer after layer of paper and plastic grocery bags. Then each of the monster magnets that Wade Slater (click to see some more of his work)  sent me were wrapped in a few bags… these monsters didn’t stand a chance of being damaged, thankfully.

Luckily they came today because had they been sent a day later I would have been gone and they would have sat at the post office for a week or so and possibly returned like last time.

After checking them all out and re-wrapping  a few monsters, I took them over to the school to deliver them. Mar and Menchu were the only ones there so I have to go back to deliver the others.  And I will have to wait until after the holidays to take the rest of them to Cuellar.

Today is also the drawing for the Christmas lottery, teh biggest of all year. It is different from the lottery in Tampa; here they draw about 50 prizes and it last around 4 hours and is broadcast live on TV. I don’t usually play the lottery but wanted to be part of the tradition so I bought half a ticket, splitting with the French teacher. We got number 97796. I missed the drawing this morning but I went online where you can enter your ticket number to see if you won… I guess I will have to keep working.