Today I left for Greece without any real idea of what I would do once I got there.

The airport started out interesting; many have told me that airports here are much more lax but when I got in line to go through security I didn’t see people taking off shoes so why was I going to do it? I didn’t see any laptops out so why was I going to pull out mine? After going through, getting patted down the lady asked if i had boots on… take em off and pass them through the machine. Once I get my boots my bag just clears the xray machine she asked if I have a computer in my bag… back through the machine again.

The flight was nice except for a manipulative little 5 year-old who was fake cry/screaming for whatever reason (apparently none at all). Iberia has been successful with two in-flight meals now. I’m not vegetarian but have asked for the vegetarian meal both times. However if I were a vegetarian I would have been upset because fish is not a plant last time I checked. After everyone finished the flight attendant came around to pick up the plates and trash and dropped a cup which had a tiny bit of coffee in it, Staining my khakis and my shirt but she gave me some wipes that got rid of it.

Athens is crazy there is graffiti everywhere… there is some pretty nice work but way more that’s not worth seeing. It’s good to be here because it reminds me how it feels to not know the language. It’s even more difficult because it’s not the same alphabet. I feel bad that I can’t even say basic things (hi, bye, please, thank you…) Luckily EVERYONE speaks English here. When I was walking from the bus I was LOST, but heading in the general direction, some old Greek guy was like are you looking for the student hostel and showed me the way… conveniently taking me out of the way to go “past” his bar. He invited me in to have a drink but I insisted that I had to go check in.

The people here are desperate for business, that guys bar was empty, the restaurant where I had dinner had two other people in it, the streets are dead (I found the people though; they are in the commercial section shopping). One thing I hate is when I am looking in a store and the worker comes and tries helping you (usually working off of commission… if I need your help I know where to find you, thanks.

I have a 3 person hostel but so far I am the only person checked in to my room. I have seen several people in the hostel a few Americans I think but haven’t had a chance to talk with anyone. Going to have a look around since I didn’t get far earlier because of the rain and my hunger.

Went down to the Garden Bar which is part of the hostel to take a look and met two Americans who suggested I checkout the acropolis by night. After talked for a while I wandered into the night following narrow, winding, graffiti covered streets towards the hill where the acropolis is perched. As you get close there is a small “neighborhood”; it’s about 15 or 20 whitewashed houses stacked randomly, leaving tight, bending stairways between them. While walking through that area a cat tried to sit on my foot while I was walking.

Partway up there is an area where you can look out over Athens which was my first view of the city. It stretched onward infinitely! I walked a little further but was kind of sketched out walking alone.