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Christmas is definitely not Christmas this year, neither here nor back home. Mom didn’t even get a real tree this year . She said people don’t have many lights up and she hardly saw people out buying Christmas trees this year. Usually on Christmas we have a big traditional meal; this year mom decided to cook ropa vieja and rice and beans, which could be my all-time favorite dish.

I just wandered around the city stumbling on some more ruins but I will have to go back a different day when they are open if I want to get a closer look. The city is shut besides a few restaurants and the tourist gift shops so luckily I won’t have to resort to crackers and tuna. Some of the cooler graffiti can be found on little side streets so I wandered around looking for some.  I found the Olimpic stadium which has unusually sharp turns and is open on one side; it’s made of ALL marble… even some streets here are paved in marble!

Today I got a roommate from Germany but so far I haven’t met him. When I came in he was sleeping so I grabbed my computer and headed down to the computer room. Met two girls from New York one who had been studying chemistry abroad in Scotland at Edinburgh … the other didn’t talk much.

After 10 minutes later two guys came downstairs; turns out I had two, not 1, new roommates, yilmaz was the one sleeping. He is Turkish but lived in mexico, spain and now studies in Frankfurt Germany. He was in Greece to meet his “Twin Soul” (like a soul mate but deeper as he explained it).

Konrad is a Polish guy who was going to Crete to meet up with his Girlfriend who he hadn’t seen in 3 Months. Both guys were fun to hang out with, I appreciated Konrads questioning of Yilmaz’s and my ideas (he said he was just playing devil’s advocate although I think he was covering his true beliefs.) we wandered around and stopped at some statue in the middle of a four way pedestrian intersection and took about 3 or 4 minutes deciding possible interpretations of the statue, which was fingers grasping a treasure chest which had a set of feet and shins sticking out the top as though the person dove through the treasure chest.

I was starving and wanted to try a Greek Salad and maybe some real Greek food since all I had been eating was gyros. We found a nice place with a terrace that was heated and sat down to some interesting conversations. They always say when talking with foreigners you shouldn’t discus politics, religion or (I forget the other). We basically nailed every debatable topic, I had tons of fun with education and environmental/ societal issues; Yilmaz studied political science and economy so he filled in some info. I was also thankful again for Luisana pushing me to read a bit and watch some cool movies since it was another major topic.

Not even what I ordered… ate it anyways… It was the death of me.

After diner we went to this hip bar that had bottles of multi colored liquid covering the walls with lights behind them. One wall was covered by some type of wooden structure that supported 50 gallon wooden barrels of various wines and alcohols. Even though I don’t drink it was fun to go out and people watch; in spain there is a law that prohibits smoking in bars; 99.99% of people follow it. In Greece the police just got a 40% pay cut and they don’t really give a crap what people do plus 99 percent of people that go to the bars smoke so why would the barkeeps throw them out for smoking… needless to say my sweater and pants are now filled with smoke until I get home (I traveled with just a backpack and brought just the necessities).

Thanks, Greek Gods for sending some entertaining friends my way.