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Although I went to bed at about 2am, somehow I still woke up at 7:30. I felt a tad queasy but figured I was just hungry. Konrad, Yilmaz and I went to get breakfast after they checked out and I was going to show them around a bit. I made it to the bakery bought an orange juice and seeing all the food in there almost made me throw up. I headed back to the hostel and stayed in bed ALL day.

I was feeling pretty bad and I had no roommate around but at about 4 an older Greek guy (Yoni) came checked into my room. I asked him if he could get me a bottle of water and a bottle of sprite from the little store across the street. Just before he got back I heard a knock… Yilmaz and Konrad surprised me to see how I was doing.  It’s now around 9pm. After drinking some water and sprite I can actually sit up without getting too dizzy. I still have a headache and body ache…

Joni and I were talking and I mentioned that I teach English in Spain and that I am a certified teacher. He is Greek but has lived in Brazil since the 1980’s and is trying to open a school for business professionals to learn English.  Brazil…Hmm.