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After a restless night of Yoni’s chainsaw like snoring I woke up to a killer pain in my back. I laid around a bit then decided the best thing to do is try to walk around a bit to stretch out my muscles. I walked down to the corner café and got a yogurt and a juice surprisingly, after yesterdays breakfast experience, I ate it with no problem. I went down to the hostels living room / breakfast area just to get out of my room. In this area I ran into a brother and sister from Minnesota, who were traveling for the new year.

Alison just finished her study abroad in Italy. She was studying art History so had lots of interesting insight to some of the elements of the Greek buildings we saw today. Her brother is about to finish a masters in Architecture so it was a really nice time talking about art and architecture. After we finished breakfast they went their way and I stayed laying on some cushions of the floor, not ready to move a muscle. After about 20 minutes I figured I had better take advantage of being here so I soldiered on, up, up and around… not too far to the tourist info office to get my map.  When I walked out, Alison called out to me from across the street. So I told them to go get a map and we explored the acropolis and the other ruins.

Caryatids… We were duped… later learning that the real ones are indoors being restored.

Greek Tire Graveyard?

I can’t imagine the Acropolis in the summer, today it wasn’t bad  but in certain areas the people cluttered up your shots of the Acropolis. I managed to get one of Brent and Alison and they managed to get one of me without people which was amazing. they both like to sketch so we spent about an hour hanging out unfortunately I didn’t have my sketchbook so I laid on a big piece of marble and stared up at the structure in awe.  If you come to the Acropolis wear good shoes, the marble mountain you walk on has been polished over the years by peoples shoes and has become super slippery; I slipped and barely recovered 3 times.

The ruins of the Temple of Olimpian Zeus, my favorite ruins in Athens.

The ruins of the Temple of Olimpian Zeus, my favorite ruins in Athens.

After exploring a ton of ruins we had lunch at some restaurant that was playing blues music in English and had tons of plants. We were actually seated on the roof of the building but were closed in by some tarp and plastic structure so we didn’t freeze.  I felt like this restaurant should have been in the Caribbean somewhere on the coast.

After more walking around I wanted to show them the changing of the guard which happens every hour on the hour, but it was already 6:55. So we walked to see Athens from above when we got down it was 7:55 so we went to eat and when we left it was 8:55 so we called it a night.

Every time we walked past a restaurant near our hostel a guy at one of the restaurants kept asking us if we would come in and eat. Every time we passed we said, “maybe later” finally by 8:30 when we passed he said, “maybe tomorrow” and laughed; at least he has a sense of humor.