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On with actual occurrences… Daniel got back from his trip home to England yesterday and brought his Wii so now I know my attempts at learning Arabic are hopeless. After getting back into Segovia from taking mom and Wayne to the Airport Daniel and I made plans to meet with Diana at 6 at Plaza Mayor to go watch the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos (Three Kings Parade).

When I finally made it down to meet them the plaza was full of people but we managed to find a spot that wasn’t too crowded. Once I saw the parade approaching I left our spot and ran across the plaza, climbed a light pole and tried to get a few nice shots but my camera is garbage (sometimes) and wouldn’t take any nice pictures ( I managed to get one or two). Then I ran back the other way, past where we were and found a spot further down. When I looked up from my camera my landlords were there saying hey to me… what coincidence. They were so nice and let me take their spot so I could get some cool pictures. As the participants walked past they threw out candies to the kids. There were stilt walkers in flourescent butterfly costumes, guys juggling fire drummers and so on, much in the style of Mardi Gras. Once they passed I ran off to find Daniel and Diana because we had to run down hill and beat the parade down to the plaza in front of the aqueduct.

By the time we made it the plaza was shoulder to shoulder but I pushed my way into a descent viewontop of a roof overlooking the plaza. As each of the three kings, Baltazar, Melchor and Gaspar, entered the plaza a mass of helium balloons was set free for the birds to later choke on. each king had a different color (red, blue and yellow).

After the festivities kids got a chance to come up and talk to the three kings and say what they want, like kids do in the states with Santa Clause. We went to get food at “Bon Apetit”, a crep place that also has other food. I am not going to say this is usual for this restraint because I enjoyed my food and the atmosphere, but Dianas chocolate cake had mold on it, how that passed the kitchens eyes AND the server’s I don’t know. When we came out about an hour or so later kids were still waiting to see the Three Kings.

At about 12:30 I went to Dr. Escarabajo, a bar / music venue down the street that usually has free concerts and saw The Carter. They are an “indie” band from Segovia that won the equivalent of battle of the bands here. This place reminds me of when I used to hang out at Sound Idea in Brandon, except Dr. Escarabajo is a tad  bigger, the music isn’t punk and the people there are mostly not high schoolers, but lack of proper hygiene and that ringing in my ears when I leave holds true in both places.