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Yesterday we had our first snowfall.

Today I got on the bus like to go to work and we pulled away from the station. I was listening to A pod-cast of 88.5’s news call in show. About 5 minutes into the trip we pulled over, the driver got out and got back in and we continued . I hadn’t really noticed what the problem was but I did notice some gears grinding sound when the door was closing on the bus. We got going again only to stop 2 minutes down the road because the door was flopping open and closed letting in the 35-40 degree wind. The bus behind us, which stopped to help, was the one that stops at every little town where as the one I was on was direct.

The driver of the other bus came over and my bus driver began taking apart a panel of the bus that houses the door closing mechanism. No one seemed interested or able to help. Me being the curious and handy person I am got off the bus to have a look. I could tell that it was a gear that wasn’t catching but we didn’t have time to analyze  or fix the problem. I suggested just use one of their belts to tie it closed and get the bus on the road, in this situation I wasn’t going to try to be the chief and took the role as Indian while they failed to secure the door. Their solution; everyone get on the other bus and take the broken one back to the bus station.

By the time I got on the other bus the only seats were all the way at the back… yeah last row back! I knew this wasn’t going to be fun; I’m kind of claustrophobic and I get motion sick easily. Had the bus arrived in Cuellar a few minutes later or took one more curve before arriving I may have lost it. When I got off of the bus I had to just sit on a bench for about 5 minutes and I didn’t really start feeling better until halfway through the first class. But on a positive note I think my class on MLK Jr. and Gandhi and Racism went well.