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Today Ana called to cancel the private class I have on Friday which gave me an opportunity to talk with her about me wanting to cancel them for the rest of the time I am here in Spain. I have been thinking that I need to see more of Spain and having my Fridays tied up makes it difficult to take weekend trips. She was fine with canceling them and understood completely.

When I got to Marujas house she was passed out on the couch so I talked with her mom about canceling for the rest of the time too and she said OK. I had my last lesson with Maruja and on the way out her mom asked if I wanted to see her husband’s ceramics studio. I knew he was a ceramicist [Alfarero] but had never seen or knew his studio was on the side of their house. When I walked in his hands were tinged red-brown and beside the potter’s wheel was a batch of neat little vases about 6-9 inches tall. He showed me a few interesting pieces like a ceramic leaf about a foot and a half long that was fired in a hole in a field with some different metal flakes that caused the piece to have a reddish grey tint. Then he pulled down a basket full of tea cups which are thrown so thin they barely weigh anything. They are glazed white then have a random squiggle pattern in a band around the outside. When I went to put it back in the basket they said no take it as a souvenir.

Claire was having a cave party again but I felt like doing something different than hanging out under her apartment building with everyone. I have been waiting for a Ska band to come visit Segovia. I invited Ola, a polish girl who teaches English here to see the Ska group called Sally Brown that came to play at Dr. Escarabajo. Back home concerts usually open the doors at about 8 start at 9 and finish by 12; here they say they will play at 10 they don’t start until 11 and they don’t finish until about 1. The other weird thing is that most concerts I have been to have a warm up act then maybe another then a headline band… here it’s just the one band that is advertised to play.

We had an hour to kill since we thought they were going to play at 10 so we went and had a drink at Café Brasil which has the best smelling food. Right at the front a guy is serving up grilled meat or chicken. Behind Ola there was a lady that I recognized but I couldn’t place where from… later I remembered her from the Hostal Don Jaime.

When we went into the concert it was sad to see that there was a very small crowd mostly high schoolers but there were also some older people too.  Every time I got there to see a concert it makes me want to buy another drum kit. The only thing this band was missing was a keyboardist. This is their new single, Madrid, is pretty Catchy.