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Upping my vitamin D today; It was warm enough in Cuellar that I could sit by the castle reading with no shirt. I’m not sure of protocol on going shirtless in Spain but it felt nice to be warmed by the sun and not be confined by layers and layers of clothing. It was only a tad chilly when the wind started blowing reminded me of an April day at the beach back home

I have made some   discoveries in the Spanish language; To flip a coin in Spanish is “tirar una moneda” throw a coin; a coin has two sides, “cara” like English (heads) and the other is “cruz” (cross). The word for hood on a jacket is “capucha” and the hood ( a bad area of town) is known as “los suburbios” [I thought of suburbs as rich white people areas outside of the city. To say two things go together like (peanut butter and jelly, steak and potatos or two peas in a pod) in spanish they say “como uña y carne” (like flesh and fingernail).

I Went to watch the barca Madrid soccer game at the corner bar and half way through the signal for the satellite kept cutting out. People were in an uproar yelling “*uta rata porue comiste los cables” “damn rats, why are you  eating the cables?” some people were fed up with it and walked out without paying for drinks and even took whole glass beer mugs and walked out of the place.