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January 30th “Camera for Hire”

Robert messaged me asking for a huge favor… his Fiancé, Lindsey, has a knack for entering and winning contests online. They found another contest for Euro rail passes, a Valentine’s day contest. They wanted me to go shoot some photos of them at the train station.

Segovia’s train station, which is set between what looks like a coal town and the suburbs, suffered a pretty big hit when the High Speed Train came to town. The three of us were surprised that no one stopped us as we walked out to the platform… then onto the tracks… then all the way out to where the tracks dead end. At the end of the line there was an old green train engine that I think was used to move around train cars in the depot. They climbed around on the cars in various romantic poses while I shot using their Canon DSLR camera they got on Craig’s list for about half price… I’m going to look at cameras now!