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A few days ago my new camera came in the mail.

Ola and I met up with a group of Spaniards at the aqueduct. They are part of Stammtisch, an informal language exchange that meets in Segovia on Wednesdays. The 15 or so of us piled into three cars and headed to a spot near Valsain, where one of them said we could do some leisure Trekking or hiking.

We went through a crazy contraption of a gate; a pivoting two part cage, where one end opens and you walk in then the other end opens. From the first steps of our journey there was ice and hard packed snow paths but I stuck to the “virgin snow” that hadn’t been stepped on yet, which reminded me of walking on sand at the beach.

The path gave way to the bank of a huge white blotch, a frozen lake, which a wind burnt mountain biker told us he had just crossed and heard cracking and crunching as he peddled his way from one shore to the other.

Later, along the path we found a stream that feed into the lake. And then came to a Fish ladder, an apparatus that allows fish to make their way up stream where dams have blocked the flow of water. At the top of the ladder where the dam created another much bigger lake, which was frozen, we stopped to take a break and eat our lunches.

We continued up towards higher ground and all of the sudden several horses on the other side of a stone wall came into view. Already I had been a madman, taking a thousand pictures with my new DSLR camera and its new zoom lense but this was where I got carried away. These horses were just roaming around freely and were so curious and friendly. They offered so many opportunities to take nice photos, however they were kind of scary when you have one behind one in front of you and another approaching you from the side; I kept thinking this may end like one of those shows you see on TV where I end up trampled but nothing happened besides them trying to eat my jacket and backpack.

Walking back to the cars.

When we got back into town I saw some people my age with cool looking cameras, taking pictures in front of the aqueduct so I asked about it. They are Americans from California, who are studying in Madrid. I offered them a few options for food and things to see then let them go on their way so I could say bye to the people from our hiking trip.