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I was up by 830 and hopped online to find out when the Badi Palace opened, finished off a pita, packed my bag and headed out, stopping to get some fruit from one of the little carts along the street. With a good map this time but not much time I decided on a cab.  The now roofless palace is in abysmal condition, but you could still imagine the grandeur of the inner courtyard with about one or two hundred orange and olive trees, rose garden,  two Olympic sized pools and several others surrounded by clay covered stones about 30 feet high. One of the openings in the wall leads to checkerboard tiled stairs going down into the guest houses which are more like an archeological dig with a few waist high walls barely holding intact. A tiny piece of the Palace has been restored and workers are there continuing the restoration.  Inside there were a group of elementary school kids, many of whom greeted me with a “bonjour”.

I thought that if I make it to the airport by 11 that would be plenty of time for my 1 o’clock flight, so I still had time to try to check out the Palace of Bahia. As I was leaving I asked for directions and was told that the other palaces are only open in the afternoon not the morning so I just took a walk, looking for a cab and headed to the Airport a bit earlier than I had planned, forgetting that I meant to have my dust and mud  covered boots shined for super cheap before I left.

I’m finally back in Segovia and can say Morocco was an awesome adventure full of unique experiences good and bad. I will travel there again and to other foreign lands but I have to say I am glad to be back in a country where I can understand what the people are saying and I can make myself understood; its exhausting mentally and physically always being lost.