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A few days ago I went to Sprinter, an athletics and outdoors store and looked at backpacks, the big hiking kind that backpackers use. After about 30 minutes debating which one to get I decided on a 40 Liter bag which will give me plenty of room for everything plus my camera the only drawback is it doesn’t have compression straps to shrink it down. Even with a blanket and snacks I could still fit a tiny bit more.

Since the kids at the Elementary were going to see a play today the teachers asked if I would prefer to come Thursday instead of Wednesday so I had to head to catch the bus to get to the theater at 11. Because I have a flight at 8am on Friday and there is no way to get to the airport in the morning that early I am carrying my backpack all day to hopefully make the last bus out of Segovia at 930.

When I got to the bus station I found out that there is no 10 O’clock bus so I took the 11 o’clock. When I arrived I found that the theater was actually from 9-11 so I would have missed it anyhow, but Elena’s 5th graders came into class as I was talking with her and begged for me to stay. Since I had nothing to do until 4 I hung out and talked to them about the play that they had seen and general stuff about the USA. This kids were nuts! I couldn’t hear the kid next to me over eh roar of the others. Kids not paying attention, there was no way to manage them, however I like this group a lot; I’m asking that I can switch every other week to visit them since they know more English and can actually ask me questions.

When I got to the language school I found out that I would have to leave my second class early in order to not miss the bus back to Segovia. My Conversation workshop was attended by no one so I spent the hour talking with the secretary about Spain and Cuba and how to save the world.

I had time to grab a quick bite to eat and caught the bus to Madrid and got to the Airport around 11. My laptop and Ipod were only going to be alive for a few minutes so where ever I decided to set up camp had to have a plug. Just beside the money exchange in T4 I took out my blanket and snacks and fell asleep sometime around 1230. I slept for about thirty minutes before being awoken by, “WELCOME TO MADRID BARAJAS!” just before I fell back asleep, 10 minutes later, “DON’T LEAVE YOUR BELONGINGS ALONE…” this cycle continued until about 6 when I heard people moving around passing through security.