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I decided to go on the Free Gaudi tour today after eating breakfast. Emily from Canada was already out in the living room eating and Stella the Dutch girl came out a bit later, despite being out til 5 am but her friend Lotte didn’t make it out until a few minutes before we left with .

Our Irish tour guide seemed cool but when we got to the plaza he overacted his part. He was constantly saying. “guys” and fist-pumping.

We stopped at the Palaou Guel, a building Gaudi designed in the redlight district. It had two huge parabolic arches which were gates for horse drawn carts prevalent when it was built. Between the gates is an eagle from the ashes. After that we walked over to Casa Batilo know for the skulls or Mardi Gras masks, which is now owned by the candy company Chupa-Chups. This building was a remodel of an older building which had the load baring front wall replaced with some slender bone like columns.  The building also tells the story of Saint Paul Slaying the Dragon.

Then we hopped on the metro and went over to the Casa Mila or “La Pedrerra”, having to fight a crowd of protesters to get there. Conan the tour guide had to yell over music and protesters but I was able to hear a most of what he had to say. On the rood there are some cool vent pipes that George Lucas supposedly took notice of while visiting Barcelona. One chimney inspired the helmet of Darth Vader and the other two chimneys gave inspiration to those of the Storm Troopers.

Always protesting in Spain

Our next stop was the Sagrada Familia, which we saw yesterday but wanted more info and actually got to see 2 sides of the building we didn’t see yesterday. The building is divided in four fascads; Birth, Death, Glory of Christ and one I don’t remember. I liked the newer, Death Fascad because it is a much cleaner design and has interesting parabolic arches.

From there we went over to the Parc Guel. We went by metro and ran into the two girls from Wisconsin, Hannah and …They were from the tour but we split and somehow ran into one another. There was a plan to build about 16 houses around this plaza but only three houses were built one of which was Gaudi’s place of residence.  This is the place where the famous tile mosaic lizard can be found and also some gingerbread-esque buildings.

The Dutch girls and Jesse James and I sat and people watched and then headed back to the hostel. At the hostel we met up with Emily, Jazmine and Emma, the girls from Canada and went out to check out the Picasso Museum Since it’s free after 3. Inside there were some really cool pieces I have never seen so I snapped a few no flash photos but this new DSLR is so loud. I was tapped on the shoulder and asked to delete my pictures and he watched as I deleted them one by one.

When we got back to the hostel I taught the Canadians and some others how to play the Japanese card game which was fun but too many people joined so we added a second deck of cards and made a new hybrid version which was pretty fun.   Emily and Jazmine and I talked for a bit trying to recall our day for our journals before heading off to bed.