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When I talked to Jesse on Thursday he said they would be in the Plaza by the aqueduct on Saturday at 11; I got there around 12 and people from Acampadaavila joined us from. While the ideologues did their thing in the circle I helped put together the papers we were handing out; there were three parts; one of two alternative newspapers, a small zine called Megaphone and a flyer for the most recent action related to the tolls on the A-6. It was an incredible sight to see the plaza filled with people reading the newspaper “Rebelados.”

When the A-6, from Segovia towards Madrid you have to pay 8 Euros each way. When the developers proposed the highway they said it would only be until 2018 to pay for the roads construction; they have just renewed the agreement to go until 2050…

After the assembly in the plaza closed we went to Dia to but some food and brought a table to the plaza and made sandwiches and stood around talking, waiting until 630 to set up the final action for the day. I left with Ola but they were going to set up a cardboard toll booth on the main pedestrian street and hand out more flyers to draw attention to the issue which they say is illegal and unjust and just one more example of the corrupt politics of Segovia and Madrid.