Ola and I met Maria and Diana at the bus station to catch the bus for Salamanca. I was pretty much a zombie for the whole 3 hours it takes to get there.  In Salamanca we had to catch the bus to the city center since it would have been a 30 minute walk.

Maria and Diana were staying overnight so they went to find their hostel and drop their bags while Ola and I went to plaza mayor to look around. When Diana and Maria joined us they were hungry so they were trying to sit down and eat at a restaurant but we only had a few hours in town so we urged them to get fast food or split up.

They got some McDonald’s and after 15 minutes we were on our way to check out the sites. We saw many underwhelming things. Some of the cooler sites were; the Casa de las Conchas, a building with seashells on the outside and the other was the University of Salamanca, the oldest in Spain. The façade has a hidden frog that students hunt for; when they see it they will be given good luck with their studies and exams. In a courtyard near the university there were some funky arches and a closed well. We also saw the astronaut and demon eating ice cream that were incorporated into the façade of one of the cathedrals when it was renovated.