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I competed today in Photomaraton, two hour photography challenge in Segovia. The university’s advertising and marketing department, in partnership with the Segovian Photography Association decided a theme that had to guide us. i was the first of about 20 participants to check in. After we were all accounted for they gave us the theme: “parece pero no es” (it seems like but it isn’t).

My first thought was the landscape across the valley by the Alcazar; the funky trees look like Africa to me without the giraffes. The shot was not interesting. I found some men working pushing wheel barrels full of concrete one turned out ok, but I didn’t know how to interpret the theme nor could I find interesting matter. There was a bottle lying on a stone and rust red metal fence which framed nicely. In front of the alcazar there are some square trash “cans” which are painted bright green, bright orange and blue. Next to the blue bin there was an orange box so I got down low and snapped a few.

Wandering aimlessly I found a fountain and set up the tripod and gave it its first go trying to get a long capture but it wouldn’t work. However by accident when letting the tripod loose it reframed an interesting image. A few other participants wandered past but I paid little attention already an hour had passed and I had maybe two keepers. 

The goal was to get three photos to turn in on a previously empty memory card. From the fountain I made my way closer and closer to the university where we had to turn in our photos. On a side street there was a shin-high column with three locks  locked to the ring in the column but securing nothing. After taking the photos I walked half looking out for other shots half reviewing and deleting the bad ones; I happened to notice that one of the locks said, “Vale”, a very common Spanish Expression.

Scared I was going to get lost taking backstreets and return after time expired I hopped onto the main street, Calle Real, and headed the way I know. As I was passing the setting sun was peeking through an open door I thought the bags of cement and tile could make a nice picture but a man poked around the corner and I got scared and kept walking. After a few steps I said what the heck and greeted the guy at the door and entered the building that was being remodeled. Behind the door there was some wooden beams leaning against the wall with nice deep black lines and pops of light; I got a few and took off seriously walking.

I got back with about 10 minutes to spare so I could upload the pictures to my laptop and make the tough choice of which to enter. I had a handful of good shots and another handful of better shots. I weeded it down to four but which to cut wasn’t easy; the locks had to go. I was happy that all four of my finalists had a unifying color theme although it was the muddy earth-tone palate.

There were already some people who had submitted their photos and some waiting in line. I was under the impression that we bring back a memory card with three pictures, upload it give, it a title, the second part of the challenge, and walk away but the guy in front of me didn’t get that apparently, he had about 200 pictures, 10 of each shot so it took him forever.

They are going to email or call us if we are chosen for either of the prizes; a place in the Digital photo editing class or digital photography class that the Segovian Photography Association charge for.