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Today Ola and I went to San Lorenzo to catch the first procession leaving for its 2 hr journey to the Cathedral in Segovia. These processions are a religious parade where participants dress up in robes and wear pointed hats, and carry a staff, some women in all back wear a lacy head piece and carry candles and a few barefoot guys carry huge wooden crosses made from logs. Towards the back of the procession is a “float” carrying a statue of Jesus or some other religious figure. Mixed in with the pointy hat people, some musicians pound away keeping the crawling speed of the procession in step and high pitched brass instruments  fill the air with weeping.

After watching several of these groups pass into plaza mayor we called it a night since it was getting seriously cold.  Since I hadn’t planned any trip for the first half of Semana Santa I decided to Hitch my way to A. Coruna and Santiago de Compostela in Galicia then I will catch a bus to Oporto (Portugal) Where I will meet up with Ola. I have a flight to Oporto from Madrid that I am going to “miss” since  It’s only two hours there by bus versus a 7.5 hr bus ride back to Madrid.

After reading every article I could find on hitching, which said Spain is the most difficult place to catch a ride I was a bit discouraged but why sit around Segovia for 6 days? I wanted to challenge myself  not to Spend any money on transport getting there  so  I packed up my bag and readied a (not so great) map, clear sheet protector, some blank computer paper and a fat permanent marker.