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My planned destination was A Coruna on the northwestern cost of Spain but when the French hippies offered to let me continue on to Santiago I had to take it, plus they were really cool people. While I waited for them to get up I took out my sketch book and supplies and whipped up a little token of appreciation for them, something they can pin up in the camper. After they got a shower at the motel, since their hot water heater was broken, we loaded up and got back on the road.

The tone was a little more relaxed today I think the sleep wore off the crazy that we all were feeling yesterday. It was more rain and a dash of snow as we continued, crossing through the mountains and gorges covered in amazing shades of red and purple and little houses with gardens.

About an hour and a half later we finished the 70km that were remaining to our destination. We circled the city looking for a bank so they could pay me back since I paid for their showers. We parked the camper and a gave them the little drawing that I did of the camper on the highway with lyrics puffing out of the exhaust pipe. They loved it and put it up with a magnet on their water heater then went to a café they paid for my drink and then gave me 8 Euros for the showers; I just took 5.

We walked into the open air market but I needed to find the tourism office for a map, WIFI and a place to sleep so I had to tell them goodbye. After getting a plan of the city I stopped in a wifi café and spent about 2 hours looking for places online but every hostel said there was no vacancy for tonight. So I started contacting auxiliaries from Galicia on fb but I think most are traveling or didn’t check facebook because I got no replies in the time I was at the café.

San Sebastian is a town of pilgrims so there are tons of small hostel/ pensions so I figured if I just start walking and stop in every one I see my odds will be pretty good.

The first hostel had two stars and looked fancy; they wanted 40 Euro per night,…pass. I wandered on finding a place with a massive wooden front door with a restaurant down stairs that smelled great. The family who owns it was just sitting down to a meal but their son of about 30 helped me after I found that it was only 20 per night.

I dropped my things took a shower and went out to take pictures. There are these circle creatures spray painted everywhere and also fish which I have been looking for when I am walking around, it’s like a game of hide and seek.

I went into Carrefour the market and bought some stuff to make sandwiches and sat on a huge staircase overlooking an expansive plaza while eating my late lunch/dinner. Somehow as it got later I feel it got warmer so after dropping my remaining food at my room I went back out to take more pictures. I could hear faint drumming so I hunted down the procession and got some more pictures.