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Ola said it was my day to plan whatever I wanted to do… it would be the rainiest day we had while in Oporto. With umbrellas in hand we trucked over to the tower of two clerics to climb to the top for a cool view of the city.  Inside where we had to pay a small fee there was a video of the tower from the 1930’s or 40’playing. In this video a guy casually and effortlessly scaled the outside of the tower working his way to the top without any safety gear. He tower is the highest in Portugal. It was about 250 steps winding up, narrower and narrower the stairwells became as we ascended.


After that we walked towards the Casa de Musica, a cool work of modern architecture which was on the way to our real destination the Contemporary art Museum Serralves. Walking along the coast I saw on the map that there was a street to my right that would lead to the main road to the casa de musica, however when we got there it was about 50 meters above us so we kept walking and eventually found some stairs; the city founders didn’t believe in leveling land!

Casa de Musica is an angular white stone building that is not too outstanding http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casa_da_M%C3%BAsica but on the inside I felt like I was in one of the Men in Black movies. I went to use the restroom and was guided my walls lined in stainless steel panels. One panel had the symbol for men’s room but it took me a minute to figure out the weird hinge system on the door since it was invisible; it wasn’t on the end of the door it was about a third of the way so the door almost spun open.

When I came out it had started pouring so Ola and I sat in the café there and listened to a guy play piano which was a welcomed break from the walking. Eventually we got tired of waiting and went out into the light rain thinking we were getting near the museum but it turned out that we still had about a 30 minute walk from casa de musica.

At the museum we were informed that they were about to close at 5 so we would have only had about 10 minutes. Not knowing what to do we walked by a fort but having seen many Spanish forts it wasn’t mush to see. The beach was super windy and it was raining on and off so we hurriedly walked along the coast towards a bus stop to catch a bus back to our hostel. Fortunately as we were crossing the street the one we needed was approaching.

I ran to the market while Ola took a nap and came back with 25 euros worth of things to keep us full for the next two days… we were both getting faint from not eating a good breakfast before heading out on such long walks. I cooked diner and ate but ola was so nervous about having lost her passport that she couldn’t eat.

Earlier she realized she didn’t have it and figured it had been stolen or that she may have dropped it while she was asleep on the plane. After eating I taught Ola the Japanese card game I learned in Barcelona. A bit later we met the American guy and girl in our room; they are from Ohio and Pennsylvania and are studying architecture in Italy; we added them to the card game and played for a while.


Gutting and Filleting Fish