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We took it easy today, not rushing to get out and about. Since we missed the museum the other day, we headed back; this time by metro and then bus.  It was a pleasant surprise at the reception desk that I got in free with my student resident card and Ola did too after a bit of conversation since she didn’t have proof since technically she isn’t a student this year.

The museum was unengaging except for a few exhibits; one was a contraption set up to drip water past a light on a tilted piece of glass so that the shape and motion was projected onto the wall. The other interesting one was a huge room with string and cords strung around the place and photos of ocean scenes and some screens with loops of underwater footage of some fish swimming on a reef. Other than that there was tons of stuff about word image associations which I didn’t get, most likely because they are by artist whose language is not English. One cool thing was an explanation about how Russel some French author started and ended his stories by creating two phrases using the same set of words with different meanings, such as “scores of fencing were taken down quickly”. One meaning being the deconstruction of a barricade and the other noting the points assigned to two competing sword fighters. The first would serve as the first line of his story and the second as the last line of his story.

Outside there was an expansive garden with another pink, art-deco-ish building and a super sized garden spade, stabbed into the dirt. Having walked so much it felt really nice to walk on the spiky-looking round seeds about the size of ping pong balls that had fallen from the trees lining the path; it was like a foot massage.

Casa de Musica

From the museum we walked along the coast a bit seeing some fisher men working on their boats and one guy under a pavilion skinning and filleting some fish for another guy. We hurried and crossed the street to the bus stop so we could catch the bus back to our hostel and called it a night.