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The police hadn’t called to tell us they found Ola’s passport so we printed a new boarding pass for half a Euro and hoped that with the police report she would be allowed to board the plane. We relaxed and packed up our things checking around the room to make sure nothing was left behind then carried it down to the kitchen. I tried to eat all of the leftover rice and tuna I made but it was about 4 servings and I couldn’t do it so we left it with a note and took off having about 2 hrs to get on the plane and a half hour trip to get to the airport.

In the metro station I was feeding my money into the ticket machine when my phone rang; it was the hostel saying that they had found the passport and boarding pass under Ola’s bed. I always check behind furniture and under the bed and in drawers before leaving but I though Ola would have looked under the bed when she thought it went missing. I didn’t want to miss the flight so Ola went back for it alone; fortunately there was a taxi by the exit of the metro station that took her to the hostel and brought her back to the metro.

I had boarded the wrong metro train for the airport but that was easily solved by hopping off and waiting for two trains to pass and hopping back on the correct one. I passed security and was hanging out for about an hour when it looked like my flight was going to start boarding; it was another flight beside my gate so I changed seats closer to my gate and found Ola who had been waiting for a half hour.

Our flight went smooth and we both decided to go do some shopping while we were already in Madrid instead of paying 10 Euros a different day. I have been looking for a new laptop and finally decided to make the purchase after bouncing back and forth between three stores but I wasn’t sure how much I had in my bank and my credit card had a huge purchase from the flight to Japan that I bought. So I finagled my way into using the store computer behind the desk to check my balance on my US and Spanish accounts and ended up not needing to put any on my credit card. I got a Toshiba Satellite which is a million times faster than my netbook; only it has some quarks: Windows is in Spanish and the keyboard lettering is for a Spanish setup so I have to intuit where certain symbols are on the keyboard.