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Every year a group of Puppeteers and street performers take over Segovia for 5 days for a spectacle called Titirimundi. Today I was on my way to pick up a few things at the store and ran into hoards of parents with children perched on their shoulders, pushing strollers, clogging up the streets.

As I passed by a guy in a pink tutu, juggling two bowling pins and a chainsaw but I couldn’t stop since the store would be closed in only 10 or 15 minutes but afterwards I stopped to watch a few of the acts.

Two guys were doing a routine with bubbles and the kids were going nuts trying to catch and pop them. A feeble old woman entered the area where they were performing and asked if she could pass through. One of the performers put his arm out so she could grab ahold and he guided her across the “stage”. As she was leaving everyone clapped and she looked back, smiled and waved to everyone.

After a few minutes of watching those guys the juggler in the tutu was preparing to start his routine. He was laying out some torches but couldn’t find a lighter so asked if someone had one he could borrow; someone threw him one and said he could keep it. He said thanks walking over to his little cart and pulled out a huge Ziploc which had about at least one hundred lighters inside.

Near the aqueduct, beside the Carousel they set up for Titirimundi, there was a performance by a French theater group called “A Bout De Ficelle.”The group uses all found objects as its props; the main guy was like a homeless or wanderer telling his story. It was an awkward experience and I wasn’t the only one who felt that way many parents began wheeling their kids out of there as his story got going.

He said it’s been a long trip because he quit cigarettes and alcohol and now all he has is sex. He asked if they wanted to see his sex and he took out a sax and began playing. Then he began constructing two other characters from found objects. The woman started with an upside down garbage can a bouquet of fake flowers, a bird cage a lamp shade two funnels for some “tetas” and so forth. The man was made from similar items add a wine bottle for man parts. The story talked about them wanting a child so he hooked a hose to the wine bottle and put the other end into the bird cage in the oddest Sex ED demonstration ever and then pulled out a tiny garbage baby.

Throughout the show there was this Francoesque character who kept blowing his whistle and harassing the audience and actor. Two funny moments were when he first appeared he said sitting on the ground is prohibited and all the kids jumped up and then he blew the whistle again and screamed that standing in the plaza is prohibited; all of the kids looked puzzled at their parents for a clue as to what they should do. A few minutes later one kid wandered onto the stage area and was met with a whistle right in his face. The guy was blowing it so hard that the kids blonde bangs flipped back.