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I signed up for CouchSurfing a few weeks ago so that while a friend and I travel we can look for people offering a free place to crash for the night. When I filled out the profile I didn’t expect to host people but I put that it may be a possibility, not expecting anyone to request a place in Segovia.

Yesterday I got a message from a 19 year old Couch Surfer from New Mexico who is traveling for a month before he starts his program in Granada. He was really polite. We met at the aqueduct and walked back to my place so he could drop his bag. I had no plans for the day so I played tour guide. I knew he was into running and cycling and hiking so I knew we had to go to the path along the river, a perfect testing ground for my new sandals and the grey clouds looked like they may put my new jacket to the test also.

When we got across the bridge I noticed the water seemed to be moving faster than usual which I guess is because the hot weather the past few days has melted the snow in the mountains. Further down I notice some of the bigger rocks seem further under water than usual. Then we get to the dam with the fish ladder and water is spilling over the stairs about an inch deep but we continued. Above the dam the river spilled over the border and onto the path and eventually the granite stepping stones were lost about a foot below the water. Since I had sandals I walked out to see how deep it was and hollered back that we would have to turn around but Andrew said he would carry his shoes and we continued, climbing up the stairs of the old mill and into San Lorenzo, escaping the numbing mountain water.

San Lorenzo was strung with fabric and its streets lined with booths for vendors. We tried some Italian cheese that was green and tasted like pesto but had to come back to see the rest of the vendors since everything was closed for a break.

We completed the tour of Segovia and headed home to cook and to put on warmer clothes since a cold front has hit Segovia it seems. After dinner we went back to the medieval market and wandered around checking out the artisan works. Andrew was in awe since this was his first street market / fair. We could hear drums on the next street so we chased them down to find jesters juggling fire, accompanied by a band and headed home after their performance.

Not sure of it was wearing the sandals all day or having not worn the boots in a while but my right foot was killing me on the way home; either way it was a really cool experience hosting my first couch surfer