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I have been hesitant to make a blog since I write about people I meet along my travels and some I deal with frequently; I hope youall are wearing shoes.

Today I hung out with a Lithuanian couch surfer [CSer], Ruta who had been studying Economics and Marketing in Madrid. She contacted me yesterday to spend the afternoon but didn’t actually want a place to stay.  I understand that feeling; it’s nice to see a new place but made better in good company.

When we met at the aqueduct I had trouble convincing her that the river was worth seeing but she had already seen most of the tourist sites by her self, instead of the upstream route I took with my first CSer, Andrew, Ruta and I wend down stream. I walked part of this path when my parents came to visit but at the Casa de Moneda a jogger bounced down a narrow set of granite stairs so we followed her, discovering a part of the river Eresma that I had never explored.

She talked about how she regrets studying such a boring topic but that at least it was made more interesting by doing it in a new country and city. Her soft accent and soft voice made laugh at her comment, “I got myself into a shit but couldn’t tell my parents.” she was accepted to a program in Madrid which was totally in Spanish and she couldn’t speak read or write a single word of it. She along with countless others are making me question the mission of schools to teach children Spanish without a need; if you add that one factor high level communication can take place in a relatively short time frame.

We came from down below the Alcazar, got the touristy views of the castle and had ran out of sights to see.  She said she was just going to go to a park to read so we went up to the park by my place where I was going to leave her.  We ended up sitting in the grass talking about our lives overlooking the aqueduct, the cathedral and the rest of  Segovia with a quickly falling sun reflecting off of her aviator-shielded brown eyes.