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I went to the Government office today to extend my visa now that I have my contract but the lady I needed wasnt in. I was told she would return in 30 minutes so I went outside to wait. People carrying CCOO and UGT flags came from all over and had a strike that lasted maybe 20 minutes; really it was all a big photo op. The workers union people and the guy waving the communist flag disappeared along with the chanting and whistle blowing and I went inside only to be told that I will have to go to Sevilla to request a Prorroga of my visa.

I ran home from the bus stop to pack a bag, trying to make it to Madrid to catch the 1am bus to Sevilla but by the time I made it back to the bus station the last one for the evening had already left. I figured I could still make it if someone would take me so I walked to the edge of town but it was a bad time to be trying to catch a ride. I’m going to try again on Sunday.