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On Saturday I hitched a ride to Madrid with an art teacher, Raguel around 1pm. She wasn’t heading exactly to Madrid and said she could leave me at a gas station near Villalba where I may be able to get a ride. I was surprised to be picked up by a solo female driver but he didn’t even hesitate even asking me to get her purse from the back for her.

At the station no one was stopping for my sign so after about 30 minutes I walked up to two guys filling up their little red hatch back and asked where they were heading; to a heavy metal festival in Getafa; which I didn’t have a clue other than that it is an industrial center on the outskirts of Madrid.

Dani and David were amped to see Metalica and Slayer and many other bands, when we pulled up there were black shirted people everywhere crowding under what ever trees they could. I followed the sign toward direction Madrid and put out a sign but in 45 minutes no one picked me up. I was being impatient so I walked about 20 minutes to a gas station in Los Angeles de Madrid, which if my guess is right would be the one Hitchwiki was talking about.

The Cepsa station lets truckers park free and gets a lot of traffic since its on the A4 which goes straight through to Cordoba and then to Sevilla. I hid from the sun behind a recycling bin and waited hours on end until the shadow had disappeared and the sky grew dim.

I paced back and for between the truck parking and the gas station but after 10 hours I began to curse the station the sky and passing drivers. I like to thank them for all of their help and offers they provide.

One car with some 19ish year-olds slowed down then laughed and sped off, not knowing the joke is on them having just paid who know how much on gas. still wanted to throw a rock at their car.

By 12 my ipod was pretty much dead and I resigned to waiting until morning for a trucker to head out, so I put out my blanket in front of the gas station and tried to sleep but the non stop loop of greatest hits blasting through speakers only capable of producing treble was grating.

Earlier two police rolled up on motor cycles eyed me, came  closer and then sped off not saying a word. while sleeping a police 4×4 pulled up along side where I was laying, passed me, then reversed and sped off.

Around 6 the sun started to come up along with my hopes, although I was shivering could have gone for some real food. a dog wandered over to the window where you make late-night and early morning transactions and just waggled around for a few minutes. The lady behind the glass tossed out a pastry and the dog ran off with it.

All of the truckers told me they weren’t leaving until Monday so I went back to the camping area where the music fans were packing up and heading out. one car stopped to offer me a ride to Valdenas.

I ran to their car but they couldn’t get the back doors open and the front seat didn’t move to let me in so after 10 minutes struggling with it we so oh well and I kept trying.

Fed up I figured maybe Madrid… still no rides but cyclists gave me advice Madrid is straight ahead and to the left. maybe they were joking but I wasn’t; I walked along the m-50 and A4 highway nearly 1.5 hrs finally getting to metro San Cristobal.

I’m now in Sevilla at an awesome hostel called Oasis. Not having a plan for where to stay, I was sketched out, but a girl at the ATM machine recommended it to me when I asked her. When she spoke I was trying to guess her nationality and won this round… Dutch.

Showered and exhausted i’m out.