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Talked with a kid at breakfast at the hostel and came across a potential job in Sevilla; he was failing at making pancakes. checked out the rooftop pool and threw back breakfast and marched out to find the trolley to Plaza de Espana; the crown jewel of Sevilla.

It’s been hotter but today was still about 35C but city planners have made ways to help keep things cool like tree lined streets and shade cloths strung from big poles.  I met two old ladies who chatted about traveling when they were younger while we waited on the trolley.

I noticed the lady, who may have been Indian, that was getting off of the trolley with me had a passport in her folder so I asked if she was headed to the  immigration office; she led the way.

I got papers, ran back and forth between north and south tower of the Palacio de la Princesa Amidala in Star Wars. on my last trip into the office a girl asked me if I am an Auxiliar. I explained the process left her friend with my number por si caso and left with out introducing my self or her introducing herself. Online, by chance, she asked in a group if it was me who she met.

At the Sevilla bus station I talked to a guy and girl who had fixed gear bikes they were taking back to Madrid. they said they never pay to bring them since they don’t have luggage just a small backpack they carry on the bus.

Some old man got all bent out of shape and got loud with the kids. then the bus driver said they have to pay. the pair decided to just take the bikes out of the bus. The wobbly senior tried getting in the kids face again and tripped on the curb and fell to his but in slow motion.

Inside the bus  the driver counted seats and found a couple hadn’t paid for their little girl so the husband had to run back upstairs to pay. The whole time the mother was screaming at her older son about how stupid he was for something; presumably telling them not to pay for the little girl.

The rest was just a boring bus ride home.

Unfortunately I left the memory card for my camera at home so I have no pictures for this trip.