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I recovered my brand new jacket that I left on the bus the day before but had to take the 9am since I woke up late. Linecar has treated me well up to now; getting off of the bus I slipped down 4 huge stairs and some how didn’t hit a single part of my body besides the bottom of my right foot and landed on my feet on the curb.

I missed all but 5 minutes of my first class but the 3rd grade students, seeing that I was wearing shorts, invited me to play soccer with them today during recess. My teammates were a boy and a girl and we played against about 12 other kids. the girl was just eating her snack and drinking a juice box and paid little attention. We were getting destroyed so they gave us another player and then another. I couldn’t move with the ball,  I was encircled by feet kicking at my ankles.

I haven’t done this much exercise in my entire stay here in Spain combined.  It’s time to put away the cleats when you get nutmegged  by an 8 year old.

After that it was just goodbyes  to every on at the elementary school… only Thursday remains between me and summer break.