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I was in my room all day sending out couch requests but around 8 I went for a walk to a nice look out near the Alcazar castle where I took this picture. I Sat and drew for about 30 minutes interrupted only by a flock of tourists.  Although I was interupted with them blocking my view I ended up chatting with a nice couple from Boston and told them about the underground tunnel that supposedly leads from the castle to the plaza mayor.

Sketch of the Alcazar. This webcam’s quality is not so great.

After finishing the sketch strolled back to Plaza Mayor and plopped down on a granite bench to sketch the street scene. I took out my black pen which I have had since I finished the school year at Newsome about a year ago. I was just using it at the castle and it was working fine but now it would only draw either heavy black lines or nothing so I chucked it in the trash. A few minutes after I sat down I noticed an interesting girl sit on the next bench over. I asked if she was waiting on someone and if I could borrow a pen; she said she was just watching the birds… Interesting right?

I went back to my drawing halfheartedly carrying on the conversation only glancing over at her every other sentence. After a minute of that she invited herself over to “my bench” I drew as much as a triangle and a few columns and closed the book.  we talked for about 2 hours about her travels, strange Japanese vending machines, and Zeitgeist. She was coming from “work”; she’s a volunteer at Aida books, the cool, used book shop that helps support some global causes by selling books that have been donated as well as fairtrade products.

After all that talking I’ve [not] done it again; I never introduced my self, nor did she, she being Noemi. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to leave or just tired of sitting; we walked towards our houses after trading info. Yeah, now that i’m about to leave I meet a friend? whats up with that?

Last thing she left me with was: “I have a flyer in the library; I am looking for volunteers to practice on since I have a test to get my massage therapy license so one day before you leave I can get your back ready for carrying your backpack on your trip.”