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Just to entertain myself while waiting on buses and such I downloaded a checkers app for my Ipod months ago. I started off horrible. I am not a genius but i’m a pretty visual person so it seemed like a good game to get me thinking a little. After many games i am a tad better but started to get bored with it so I got a different app a few weeks ago; Chess.

The leap from checkers to Chess was immense. I knew how most pieces move but I compare playing chess to juggling ten random objects [I have just learned recently how to juggle 3 like objects]. just when I think I am doing good I make a serious mistake and sacrifice valuable pieces only winning a pawn.

On a different but later relateable note my soon to be married, Californian, Auxiluar friends left their apartment a few weeks ago and have been living in a short term rental in San Lorenzo without internet.

Earlier in the week night Robert invited me to see a concert down in San Lorenzo’s main Plaza on Friday night. I hadn’t heard from them and my phone has been out of minutes for weeks now so I just walked down to San Lorenzo hoping to run into him in the plaza. Since it was on my way I stopped in Jaquemate; Since they have no internet they have been coming to this pretty calm bar called Jaquemate which is chess themed and some tables are equipped to play. The bathrooms have a chess piece of a king and queen… pretty confusing if you don’t play chess.

Robert and Lindsey happened to be in the bar so we had a drink and played a few games of chess. there were a couple of older guys playing too. after they finished one of them came over and watched us for a while and gave us some tips and had a good internal laugh at how awful we were. He kept saying how many is this piece attacking and how many is it defending; but it was all too fast to follow. I did learned about a move called castling and a good tactic is to get your rooks together…according to the older guy.

After Robert and I each had a win Lindsay beat me twice and we headed out to see what remained of the concert.

On the way home I noticed a new-to-me view of the aqueduct and stopped to take some pictures.