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A few weeks ago a student of mine invited me to go on a day trip but as time went on I gave up expectations. Two days before I was scheduled to leave on my Japan trip, my student emailed me to plan the trip.

Although I couldn’t get to sleep until 4Am I woke up at 730 to get ready to head to Cuellar where Sofia was going to meet me.

We drove to Sepulveda to see the Ermita de San Frutos which is up on top of the canyon. the monks that lived there mustn’t have thought it out; they had to hike to the bottom of the canyon to get water to bring up to the garden.

Walking up to the Ermita, basically a church,  there is a tiny bridge crossing a split in the stone peninsula. Supposedly when the Arabs invaded the area San Frutos confronted them; when they failed to stop he smacked the ground with a wooden stick and created an incrossable split in the rock to keep out the Arabs.

Later we drove to Sepulveda to see the city. We walked around a bit then drove to a dirt road that has a picnic area by the Duraton river. Unfortunately on the dirt road there was a piece of heavy machinery flipped over and the road was blocked so we went to a place called Lavederos, which has some picnic tables where we ate our lunch.

After lunch we went for a short hike around the bottom of the canyon. It was carzy to see where van sized rocks had broken off and fallen.  Sofia told me about a guy and girl who were unfortunately killed when this happened above where they had set up their tent.

When I got back to Segovia I met Magda for a good bye drink then headed out to an event at Aida Books since I couldnt get a hold of Noemi, and I knew she was going to the event.  It was about a group of prisoners that went on a Pilgramage walking for about 75km. The prisoners them selves were there talking about how it affected them. afterwards i helped put away things and ended up meeting several of the volunteers who “work” there. We ended up going out for drinks and since I didn’t have any plan of going to sleep until on my flight to japan I had to stay up all night.  A guy named Amado, Noemi and I continued on to another bar and talked till near one then I walked  Noemi home.

If I didn’t already mention; Noemi is studying to be a massage therapist and needs volunteers to practice on so I signed my self up a few days ago but we just never worked out a time that would work. As we were getting close to her place she invited me to the massage… nothing sexual just in-the-clouds-relaxing listening to some zen music. Interesting and honest relationship talk and by three her eyes were rolling around her head trying to stay awake so I headed home and finished the packing and planning.