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Yesterday we were asked to come back this morning at 6am for the service. The people in the office said we would be able to film. We were nearly a half hour late but when we arrived the ceremony was still going on. We took off our shoes, grabbed our cameras and entered the hall full of chanting monks and followers. Before we could even get off more than a few shots we were told absolutely no filming. We were pissed that we woke up so early for nothing, but agreed that it was nice to see Kyoto in the morning. We would have left but it began raining due to the second even more powerful typhoon. We planned on going home to sleep a few hours before we had to go to the other temple to film but we were stuck so we entered the second temple and stretched out on the Tatami mats  and fell asleep listening to the rain. I was luckily woke from my dream by Kazo, my host calling. I  was getting pissed off at some police officer in my dream after we were woke up in the temple and told, “sorry you can’t do that here”, a weird dream in a dream.  Weronika went to the restroom and came back with two little cups of hot green tea, the perfect thing since we were both cold from laying on the floor.

At the second temple we were almost disallowed from entering but after just pushing the issue with the security guard he backed down. We were greeted by two of the girls from the office yesterday and given our yellow, press armbands and a little bag with some panflets and small gifts. We could not go unaccompanied but were allowed into a ceremony for blessing the ashed of someone. Unfortunately we were asked my the monks to leave before the ceremony started. We had more fun taking pictures of the two girls anyways. they took our armbands and said we were free to take pictures around the exterior of the temple so we did for a while then crossed back through the temple complex towards the office. At one point you have to be escorted by someone from the temple. Weronika got side tracked taking photos and we were eventually stopped and questioned. Not knowing the name of the girls we were lost with out words but then I remembered that we had photos and they left us be after they called to confirm.

I didnt feel like carrying around all of the produce I was given on  was given on  Monday so we went to the supermarket to find some more ingredients. Meat is around 3 Euros for 100 grams and we had no idea what we were really buying. After some time lounging around the house we cooked a chicken and potato soup and never went back out in the evening since it was still raining.