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Weronika is off to to Tokyo today to meet an Aztec shamen she was been trying to meet up with for over a year and he happens to be in Japan at the same time when she is, but before she left we traded numbers and made rough plans to meet back up in a few days. Kazo and I headed out a few hours later to get breakfast at a place like Yoshinoya but at this place you order and pay a vending machine which calls out the order to the kitchen so your food is almost ready by the time you sit down. Then he and I went to by train to Osaka Station where I was  Supposed to meet Satoshi, a Japanese guy about 20 years old who I met in Barcelona at the hostel where we were staying.

Almost right on time I heard Satoshi called my name as he walked up from my side while I was filming the mobs of people flooding out of the train station. From there we caught another train to Wakayama. About halfway the 8 car train stopped and we switched to car number 5 and watched cars 1-4 speed off towards the airport; shortly after ours veered off onto different tracks. This was the first time I had been in the lead car; you have a cool perspective as you zip along, watching the conductor and other trains seem to come at you head on.

Ryuji, another from the Barcelona group,met us in his little blue car at Wakayama Station and the three of us headed off to get some udon for lunch. I already had to borrrow 100 yen (2 bucks) from Satoshi to pay my way out of the train station. Then since I still didn’t get a chance to withdraw money I had to borrow 1000 yen from Satoshi for lunch.

After eating we swung by a smaller train station to pick up yet another from the Barcelona group, Yusuki, who was getting his hair cut. With the car loaded we headed about an hour away to Shirahama beach. Before we got there we met up with a friend of theirs who works at Adventure World, basically Sea World. He gave us a small gift, little canvas pull string pouch  and took a picture with us and then we headed off again.

The beach is white powder sand in a cove surrounded by mountains and cliffs. there was a beach soccer tournament going on but we walked the opposite direction towards the pier. I met some fishermen who would have let me cast out the line but there were too many rocks for it to get snagged on since it was an outgoing tide. They liked my Rooster fish from Costa Rica and agreed to some photos.

We loaded up the car and headed off the the next place Ryuji wanted to Show me, Senjojik. The huge rock formation is like an extraterrestrial landscape where lovers and fishermen hangout. We climbed around on the rocks and met more fishermen, one of which was gutting a fish just as we walked up to him.

Satoshi by the way is a total goof ball always singing or beat-boxing.

They had one more place they wanted to show me before we would go to diner. Another, but different rock formation or cliff. Here we met two Japanese girls who took our picture. Earlier in the car the guys were asking me for pickup lines and how to pick up girls; not the best person to ask. My suggestion to them was genuine interest. I started talking to the girls through the Japanese guy’s translations. It was apparent that they thought the girls were cute but they just didn’t talk to them; two have girlfriends.

On the way back to the car a girl was taking a picture of a phone booth which drew my attention to the fact that it had a flickering light, which Weronika was looking for for the film she is making. I started filming and asked the girl, Hyeyeon, if she spoke English. she explained the sign to me that is for a suicide prevention line run by a church near by. one priest has left coins in the phone booth in case someone wants to call. When she said she is from Korea but living in Tokyo I though I may have hit the jackpot on hitching but she was returning by Shinkansen, the high speed train. After switching info we pulled out of the parking lot. When we passed her she flagged us down and asked if she could hitch a ride to Shirahama station since there were no more buses.

In the US and Spain I have never eaten Sushi besides a few of the cooked types. I was nervous about eating raw fish. I may get sick or either from taste or food born pathogen. On a few pieces I did feel I as going to be sick but I managed eat everything they put infront of me including hatchlings of sardines wrapped in seawed; it’s called Shirasu. We also had tuna, salmon, Sea bream, squid, shrimp and some Japanese fish called Kue (kelp Grouper).  luckily this was a treat to me from the guys.