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When I woke up I could actually see where Ryuji’s house was situated; about 100 meters from the harbor.

I woke up from a night of sleep with the hardest and heaviest pillow I have ever experienced. I think it was filled with rice or at least it felt like it was. Ryuji’s mom prepared breakfast; I finished mine and there was another plate which I assumed was for his mom. She insisted I could eat it but I felt bad so I only took a piece of tomato and left the rest.

Ryuji and I went out to pick up Satoshi #2 and then headed to the soccer field where Ryuji’s team was playing; he coaches 7 and 8 year old kids. They havn’t been practicing long and were up against a team with a long history, I thought I was watching Barca play a no name team, it was like 10-0, with the ball only making it out of their half when the other team passed back to their keeper just for fun.

After that we went to see the Wakayama Castle. It has been awesome having a car to get around besides the parking fees and my fear of us crashing. Ryuji drives crazy hogging the center-line and then cutting at the last second to miss the cars; it’s to claim your share of the road so you don’t end up in a ditch or rice field. Adding to the craziness is being a front passenger on the left side of the car making right hand turns across traffic.

The castle was cool but not too extravagant. They seemed out of ideas so we went to get lunch and think about it. I think I am in love between all the rice I have eaten and the curry udon; if only they added some vegetables to the dishes besides green onion. we switched it up and got ramen; not the kind in a styrafoam cup but delicious ramen. Satoshi had Black noodles; what I gather is that its made with charcoal which doesn’t seem too healthy or tasty. while eating they decided to take me to the marina.

At the marina they have a big seafood market and some gift shops. the real reason they brought me is the butchering of a huge tuna. We walked around sampling various seafoods like some fish cylinder that is skewered and roasted while spinning pretty fast. On the way there we passed my car’s Japanese born twin.

After killing some time the crowd started to form around the tuna and the show got started. really it was more to sell some super expensive tuna than anything and since it was in Japanese I couldn’t understand what was being explained anyways but i’m certain he was just saying this is the most delicious part so you should buy it.

I was supposed to be leaving Wakayama and heading to Osaka later on without any place to stay; I thought I would figure something out once I got there. While at the castle earlier I got a call from Weronika saying she was coming to Wakayama the following day to do a few hours of a pilgrimage route called Kumano Kodo. Instead of heading out I told her I would find a way to stay in Wakayama and we could meet up to do the Pilgrimage in the morning.

Nothing can be handled directly in Japan because I don’t speak the language so I had to basically go through Ryuji to ask Satoshi if I could stay the night. He then called home to ask.

Since we were all beat and out of ideas for Wakayama we just headed to Satoshi’s where I caught up on internet since Ryuji’s house doesn’t have Wifi. Satoshi’s house completed my japan experience; I have seen the two extremes of Japanese living now. His house is very new and spacious with a sofa and two huge flat screen TVs in the first floor alone. Off of the living room there was a traditionally styled Tatami mat room which reminded me of sleeping in the temple a few mornings ago.

Satoshi had to go teach some math classes even though it was Sunday and Ryuji had to get the car back to his house so I was left with Satoshi’s mom who doesn’t speak English. thanks to pictures and gestures and google translate I was able to tell her a little about my self.  I offered to help prepare diner but she waved off my offer so I just sat around relaxing until Ryuji came back on his scooter a few hours later.

When diner was ready Satoshi’s dad surfaced from somewhere and was actualy able to speak Some English with me, having lived in Canada for a year or two, working on something to do with film processing machines. We enjoyed a nice Japanese meal while watching Spain play then called it a night.